Tuesday, January 28, 2-4 pm at City Hall, Council Chambers

The City of Atascadero is beginning the process of planning for future housing sites in the City. This process involves community input on revising a part of the City’s General Plan known as the Housing Element. This process will help the City accommodate our regional share of housing units that can accommodate a wide variety of income levels and housing types.

The Housing Element is our opportunity to tackle Atascadero’s housing needs through meaningful and effective policies. It also identifies specific places in the community where additional housing should be located. To be truly valuable, the Housing Element Update requires significant public engagement and input from people like you.

The City of Atascadero invites you to participate this Tuesday, January 28th. The City is hosting a public workshop at City Hall from 2-4pm and the City Council will hold a study session with the Planning Commission beginning at 6pm in the Council Chambers. Please attend and:

Learn more about the update process


Help identify specific needs and opportunities

Help identify areas with development potential;

Share your insights and ideas on how the City can improve housing opportunities.

For more information, please visit our website: www.atascadero.org/housingelement