Improvement efforts continue within the Historic Sunken Gardens

ATASCADERO — Construction of a viewing sidewalk around the perimeter of the Wrestling Bacchantes Sculpture, displayed in Atascadero’s Historic Sunken Gardens, has begun. The sidewalk will provide better viewing and ADA accessibility for community members to enjoy the sculpture and other park amenities. The sidewalk is part of the sculpture’s restoration efforts, which also includes the recent installation of a brick facade and marble tiles around the base and planned landscaping.   

The Wrestling Bacchantes Sculpture is made from one solid piece of white Carrara marble and inspired by romanticized figures from the ancient Greek and Roman eras. It was created by Italian sculptor Aristide Petrilli and given to the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis, Missouri, by the Italian government. In 1906, it was purchased by Atascadero founder E.G. Lewis to be displayed in the Atascadero Colony Civic Center.