Trustee Board approves new course offerings at AHS 

ATASCADERO — The Atascadero Unified School District (AUSD) met for its regularly scheduled school board meeting on Tuesday, May 16, at 7 p.m. The meeting took place in person at the Kenneth Beck Building. Since August 2022, the district has remained with in-person meetings only, without a live streaming option. Trustee Terri Switzer was absent from the meeting.

During Oral Communications from the Public, teachers Trish Cooley and Janine Wagner, as well as parent Stephanie Lechuga, all expressed the need for smaller kindergarten classes and the need for teacher’s aides. Wagner added that this was her third time coming before the school board and added that they need to know if changes will be made so they can plan for the upcoming school year.

Parents also addressed the school board with the help of translator Aury Hernandez with concerns and accounts of bullying at Atascadero Middle School. They were there to ask for help from the district. 


In his Superintendent’s Report, Tom Butler stated that he would set up another meeting with himself, the concerned parents, and Principal Brent Vander Weide from Atascadero Middle School. He also reported that the district is actively working with the ADTA (Atascadero District Teachers Association) on any negotiable items concerning kindergarten. 

Both the minutes from the May 2 meeting and the Consent Agenda passed with a unanimous vote.

Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services E.J. Rossi addressed the trustee board with the School Plan for Students Achievement (SPSA). Traditionally a Consent Agenda item, it comes before the board annually. 

Rossi went over five points of interest:

  1. Purpose and description
  2. Stakeholder involvement
  3. Resource inequities
  4. Goals, strategies, expenditures, and annual review (for each goal)
  5. Budget summary

This was the first reading of the plan, and it will be presented at the next meeting again for a final vote.

Rossi then presented the Consolidated Application: Request for Funds 2023-2024. He added that the item states that the district is meeting its federal requirements and is requesting funding in the form of Titles 1, 2, and 3. The funding is based on how many qualifying students the district has in categories that pertain to the funding. The motion passed unanimously.  

Once again, Rossi presented to the board, this time on the AUSD Goals 1, Student Academic Growth, and Goal 2, College and Career Ready Scholars. Currently, the survey to gather the data is given to students in grades 4 through 12. Rossi also added that the district, while it doesn’t promote connecting students with tutors when they are failing classes, it does fund Homework Club for students to attend after school. 

Course Title Changes and New Course Offerings: Atascadero High School was also presented by Rossi. The new courses include the following: Animal science, astronomy honors, advanced ceramics, AP computer science, early childhood education 2, sports medicine, piano, and engineering robotics. The motion passed unanimously.

Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources Curt Eichperger addressed the trustee board with Resolution #21-22-23 Proclamation Declaring May 21-27 as Classified School Employee Appreciation Week. The Proclamation was read by Trustee Vy Pierce and passed unanimously.

The next regularly scheduled school board meeting took place, in person, on Tuesday, June 6, at 7 p.m.