School board awards lease-leaseback services to Wysong Construction Company on M-8 Project

TEMPLETON — The Templeton Unified School District (TUSD) met for a special board meeting on Thursday, July 14.

The Order of Business was approved unanimously.

The school board was presented with Resolution R23-01. The resolution’s purpose was to approve the award and lease-leaseback services for the Templeton Middle School Relocatable M-8 Project.


“The purpose of the resolution tonight is to award lease-leaseback services to Wysong Construction,” said Director of Maintenance, Transportation, Grounds, and Facilities Randy Botts during his presentation. “As you may recall, back in June, we submitted a resolution for a request for proposals, and we received proposals, and our proposal review committee reviewed those.”

The proposals were then scored using a best value scoring technique which includes things like pricing, safety, local contribution, and skills. Based on that, it was determined that Wysong Construction Company was the best value for the district. 

“Approval of this resolution would move us to the next step, which would get Wysong Construction moving forward with his guaranteed maximum price. Which will then allow us to get this project underway as soon as possible,” said Botts. “If everything lines up, there’s still some uncertainty; we would love to be breaking ground before school starts.”

Superintendent Aaron Asplund went on to state that the M-8 project has a low overhead since it is only one room in a prefabricated building.

Resolution R23-01 passed unanimously, with the bid going to Wysong Construction Company. The next step in the process will be brought to the board at the Aug. 11 meeting.

The next order of business was the Approval of First Amendment to the Agreement with Champions After School Care.

“Under the Expanded Learning Opportunities Program Grant, the state is really on an ongoing, permanent basis, investing in extended daycare for school-aged children,” Asplund said.

The Expanded Learning Opportunities Program (ELOP) Grant provides funding to take a regular school day and add before or after daycare for a total of 9 hours of care for disadvantaged students. 

Champions is a nationwide provider already associated with TUSD and many other districts in the area. Asplund added that the grant more than pays for the total cost of the partnership with Champions.

The board moved to approve the one-year contract with Champions to provide extra hour school services. The motion passed unanimously.

The next regularly scheduled TUSD board meeting will be held on Aug. 11 at 6:15 p.m.