The recount will begin within the next seven days

SAN LUIS OBISPO COUNTY — A manual recount of votes has been requested for the District 4 Supervisorial election. 

San Luis Obispo County Clerk-Recorder, Elaina Cano, received the request on July 12. According to Cano, her team is beginning the plan for the recount process, so there is no completion date as of yet.

Elections Code Article 3 §§ 15620 —15634 outlines much of the voter-requested recount process, as provided below:


The requester shall, before the recount is commenced and at the beginning of each day following, deposit with the elections official a sum as required by the elections official to cover the cost of the recount for that day. The money deposited shall be returned to the depositor if, upon completion of the recount, the candidate (affirmative or negative) for which the declaration is filed is found to have received the plurality of votes cast which it had not received according to the official canvass.

The depositor shall be entitled to the return of any money deposited in excess of the cost of the recount if the candidate has not received the plurality of the votes cast. Money not required to be refunded shall be deposited in the appropriate public treasury.

The recount shall be conducted under the supervision of the elections official by special recount boards consisting of four voters of the county appointed by the elections official.

The recount shall be commenced not more than seven days following the receipt by the elections official of the request or order for the recount under Section 15620, 15621, or 15645 and shall be continued daily, Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays excepted, for not less than six hours each day until completed. The recount shall not be commenced until the first day following notification of the individuals specified in Section 15628. The recount shall be conducted publicly.