After moving to Nashville Twissleman found new inspiration and has signed her first publishing deal

Local singer and songwriter Callie Twisselman recently released her debut single, “Two Hands,” and this week, on May 12, Twisselman released her first music video featuring her debut single.

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Twisselman said, “Two Hands is a song that is about a girl who can be a handful at times, but her man loves her and accepts her anyway, and that was the message that I hoped people took from it. That you can be who you are, and the right person will love you for it.”

Growing up on her family’s ranch in Cholame, Twisselman was surrounded by family.


And with a family like hers, it would be impossible to ever forget them or where she came from. Not that I think she would ever want to.

Twisselman’s music video was filmed at her family’s ranch and the Jack Ranch Cafe on Highway 46 East.

“I had all my family in it [music video] as the cast members, which made it even more fun,” said Twisselman.

One of Twisselman’s biggest inspirations in life was her mother, Junis Twisselman.

“She had a beautiful voice like Patsy Cline, and I always would practice outside with my fake microphone, pretending I was performing like she was. She inspired me to have the same career,” said Twisselman of her mother.

She continued, “My mom shined on-stage. It was a happy escape for her. She always told me that if this is what I wanted to do, that I had to enjoy myself and not try to be something I’m not.”

Callie Twisselman

Twisselman made the move out to Nashville almost four years ago after she met Danny Nozell, Dolly Parton’s manager.

Nozell told Twisselman that Nashville was where she needed to be.

Under his guidance, Twisselman spent the next year and a half honing her skills in songwriting by recording and demoing her music.

Her hard work paid off when she signed her first publishing deal with Vintern Songs and eOne Music Publishing.

Twisselman said she wrote more music in one month in Nashville than she ever did one year in California, saying the Country Music Capitol was inspiring for her.

Now, Twisselman is working with Grammy Award-Winning producer Aaron Pearce and Copperline Music Group on releasing her debut single “Two Hands.”


Twisselman’s “Two Hands” single was written by a publishing friend, and she felt the lyrics fit her personality.

The single was originally planned to be released in 2020.

But the 2020 setbacks are not stopping Twisselman now, “It’s exciting to get music back out there again. I’m also looking forward to the live shows. We are hoping to get some festivals going by the fall of this year. That’s what I’m looking forward to the most.”

She continued, “All the hometown has been supportive. It’s a hard business that takes a long time, so when it finally comes together, it’s pretty exciting.”

Fans of Twisselman’s can look forward to more music being released later in the year.

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