Fortune continues a downward trend, of his own making according to all reports, for Atascadero Fatte’s Pizza owner Darryl Allan. After months of crisis at his own location, where his claims of nefarious attacks by hackers and organized criminals were blamed for the shutdown of his longtime pizza restaurant on El Camino Real, he was arrested last night for the armed robbery of the Paso Robles Fatte’s Pizza location.

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Darryl Allan

In February, Allan shut his doors at the Atascadero Fatte’s location claiming to have been the victim of malfeasance.

A note from Allan taped to the door of the Atascadero Fatte’s Pizza location. File photo

On April 16, Allen had contacted The Atascadero News on Facebook under the alias “Rich Smitherine,” asking for coverage of more crimes he alleged, including claims he was stabbed several times and was financially mistreated by Bank of America after his accounts were allegedly hacked.

At about 10:17 p.m., on Sunday, two employees were closing shop at Fatte’s Pizza in Paso Robles, when a masked gunman entered the business. He approached the counter and displayed a silver pistol with an attached suppressor, wrapped in black tape. The gunman demanded the registers to be emptied.


After clearing the registers, the robber made the two employees turn off all the lights and demanded them to head to the rear of the store. The suspect then tossed two glow sticks into the business, telling the employees they could use the glow sticks for light.

Employees fled out a back door to see a white Toyota Tundra speeding away from the business, headed westbound on Niblick. Paso Robles Police Department immediately began checking the area and a deputy with the SLO Sheriff’s Department found a truck matching the description pulling into In-N-Out in Atascadero. The truck was stopped and found to be occupied by the owner of the Atascadero Fatte’s Pizza, Darryl Allan.

NOTE: The Fatte’s Pizza locations are owned and operated independently. Allan was affiliated with the Paso Robles location at one point, but currently was only involved in the Atascadero location.

Allan was found to have a pocket full of .22 ammunition. Inside the truck we found a loaded silver .22 caliber pistol with an obliterated serial number, a black-taped suppressor, glow sticks, a large amount of cash, drugs, drug paraphernalia, metal knuckles, and several keys to off road vehicles.

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Items found on Allan by police when he was apprehended at the Atascadero In-and-Out parking lot.

Allan was arrested for the following charges: 211 PC – robbery, 207 PC – kidnapping, 25800 – carrying a loaded gun with the intent to commit a felony, 25850(a) PC – carrying a loaded gun inside a vehicle, 33410 PC – possession of a silencer, 23900 PC – removing serial number from firearm, 25300(a) PC – carrying a firearm while masked to hide identity, 11370.1 H&S – possession of controlled substance while armed, and 21810 – possession of metal knuckles.

At this time the Paso Robles Police Department is looking for the owners of the keys.

This is an ongoing investigation and the Paso Robles Police Department is requesting anyone with any information to call the PRPD at (805) 237-6464.