Authorities say fraudulent calls involve fake arrest warrants and monetary demands

SAN LUIS OBISPO COUNTY — The Sheriff’s Office is alerting residents about a prevalent phone scam targeting individuals in the area. Several reports have surfaced indicating that impostors claiming to be from the Sheriff’s Office contact unsuspecting individuals, falsely informing them of an arrest warrant against them.

What makes this scam particularly deceptive is the use of technology that manipulates caller ID, making the call appear to originate from the Sheriff’s Office. 

Furthermore, scammers have gone as far as using the names of actual deputies, adding an air of authenticity to their fraudulent calls.


The fraudulent caller instructs the resident to resolve the alleged warrant by making a cash transfer or payment through a debit card or gift card. It is crucial to note that this is a scam. The Sheriff’s Office emphasizes that they do not typically initiate contact with residents via phone for such matters. Deputy sheriffs will never request money or gift cards in place of bail.

Residents are urged to exercise caution and promptly report any calls resembling this scam to their local law enforcement agency. It is essential to inform family and friends about this scam to ensure preparedness in the event they receive a similar call.

Protect yourself and stay vigilant against phone scams by verifying any suspicious calls and refraining from sharing personal or financial information over the phone.