Janice Emmack, 78, passed January 8, 2021, surrounded by loved ones in her home. Sepsis from untreated gallstones brought her low, but she ultimately died of a broken heart from isolation, trauma, and watching her world cleave apart over politics and fear. Society’s reaction to Covid took her from us. She wanted people to know it and do better. 

Janice is survived by her husband of 55 years, Milo Emmack, children Staci and William, grandchildren Chance and Hannah, great-grandson Radley, her soulmate Melody, and two best friends, Michelle and Shirley. 

Janice was one of the funniest women you’ll ever meet. She taught all of us about family, honor, acceptance, and technology! She was as smart as she was a loving ally. 

After retiring from Cal Poly’s Construction Management School, where she was department secretary and proxy Mom to “her Kids,” Janice reinvented herself as an artist. She was prolific! She quilted and embroidered beautiful works, but loving people was her true art. She will be forever remembered as a best friend to all!

Donations will be directed into a PTSD-related perpetual grant in her name. 

May she rest peacefully.