New facility offers safe, supportive environment for local adults experiencing substance-use disorders

SAN LUIS OBISPO — San Luis Obispo County’s new sobering center officially opened Tuesday, June 25, at the County’s Health Agency campus in San Luis Obispo, addressing a critical need by providing a safe space for adult community members facing substance use disorders to recover from the effects of alcohol and drugs.

“We are pleased to open the doors to our new sobering center with strong partners such as CenCal Health, Good Samaritan, and the County’s Board of Supervisors,” said Health Agency Director Nick Drews. “This facility represents a significant step forward in our efforts to provide compassionate, effective care for adults struggling with substance use. By offering a safe place for community members to recover, we can help them take the first step towards a healthier future.”

A joint project among the San Luis Obispo Behavioral Health Department, CenCal Health, and Good Samaritan, the 12-bed, 3,645-square-foot sobering center will offer 24-hour services to adult community members in need, providingmedical supervision, counseling, and referral to ongoing treatment and support services. The center aims to reduce the burden on emergency departments and law enforcement by offering a dedicated space for individuals to sober up safely. It is being funded by a grant from CenCal Health and the County’s Opioid Settlement funds.


“The center is a testament to our community’s commitment to addressing substance use in a holistic and dignified manner,” said Behavioral Health Department Director Dr. Star Graber. “We believe that every individual deserves the opportunity to start recovery with dignity and support, and this center will be a cornerstone toward fulfilling that important mission.”

Operated by Good Samaritan, the sobering center is equipped with modern amenities, including comfortable resting areas, private consultation rooms, and medical staff to ensure the well-being of all clients. Generally, clients will stay for approximately 23 hours and may be able to return on successive days to begin withdrawal. The center will be open 24 hours per day, seven days per week.

Adult men and women referred by appropriate agencies will make up the client population at the sobering center. Adultscan also walk in or be brought by family and friends to reduce the harm of acute intoxication. No payment is required, and services are funded by CenCal Health through Community Support Services.