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We are proud to announce another issue of Atascadero News Magazine for our loyal fans and new readers. Our team put together another great issue, and we hope you enjoy it!

In this issue, we highlight the California Mid-State Fair.


We also shine a light on some unique local stories:

  • Class of 2024 Atascadero High School celebrated its graduates
  •  Independence Day What America means to us, draped in red, white, and blue

Along with local columns we deliver in every issue to keep our community informed:

  • Taste of Americana by Barbie Butz
  • The Realty Report by Jaime Silveria 
  • Downtown Happenings by Kyla Skinner 
  • Cross Talk by Atascadero Chamber of Commerce President/CEO Josh Cross

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We will be back next time with another great issue, because as long as the community keeps doing something worth writing, we will write something worth reading.

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