As of noon on Wednesday, SLO County COVID-19 numbers increase with another small jump for the second consecutive day. Confirmed cases grew by three, to a total of 83 — but cases of recoveries has reached 44.7 percent of the total, with 37.

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Guidelines for distancing, and shelter-at-home orders continue to prevail, and relaxing in the near future has been strongly discouraged by county health officials.

All three new cases are people over 50 years old, with one new case in Paso Robles and one new case in Atascadero.

The North SLO County continues to lead the number of cases, with more than 50 percent of the countywide totals — 43.

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Paso Robles is home to 22 cases as of today, with Atascadero in second with 15, resembling what could be a Friday night halftime score between the Bearcats and Greyhounds.

But coronavirus is not a game, and lives continue to be at stake if the community fails to observe appropriate etiquette regarding distancing and other preventative measures. Physical distancing will remain a credible defense against the spread of COVID-19.

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To date, 25 local cases are person-to-person transmissions and 17 are reported as community spread. 10 cases are reported as unknown mode of transmission. Each member of the community is a shield against their own family and circle of friends, with physical distancing and personal cleanliness being the defensive action.

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