Board proclaims the week of Aug. 6-12 as San Luis Obispo County Farmers Market Week

NORTH COUNTY — At its July 11 meeting, the Board of Supervisors approved a 15-month contract with Oxford House Inc. starting June 1, 2023, that will end Sept. 30, 2024. The contract provides clean and sober housing in the County for Health Agency clients who have progressed in substance use disorder programs locally and are ready to move into more independent housing options.

The merger also goes along with the Substance Abuse and Mental Services Administration’s grant funding requirements. The total amount does not exceed $200,000 but makes it so the county can provide housing for individuals who are progressing in their recovery. The item that was passed on the Consent Agenda under Health Agency Items also authorizes the Health Agency Director to execute amendments that come up in the future to the agreement. One of those is an option to renew for up to three additional one-year terms, ending on Sept. 30, 2027.   

Oxford House Inc started in 1975 in Silver Spring, Maryland, and has grown since then. It has 14 different rehabilitation houses in California and over 2,000 throughout the U.S.


At its core Oxford House is a large and valid step in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction for anyone who wants to use it. Its sites are self-supporting, drug and alcohol-free homes. It is a nonprofit 501(c)3 corporation that provides a network that connects all Oxford Houses. 

The board also approved a resolution that amended the Position Allocation List (PAL) and added a 1.00 FTE Medical Records Supervisor to support the Health Agency’s Behavioral Supervisor Health Department and a corresponding budget adjustment amount. 

In addition, the board passed resolutions amending the PAL for FC 166-Behavioral Health to extend the limited term (LT) of 1.00 LT FTE Behavioral Health Clinician I/II/III, 1.00 LT FTE Behavioral Health Specialist I/II/III, and FC 139 Probation to extend the 1.00 LT FTE Deputy Probation Officer I/II, all funded by the Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance grant through the grant. As well as many other resolutions amending more of the PAL.

In addition, at the Supervisor’s meeting on Tuesday, July 18, the board approved a request to set a public hearing to consider collecting delinquent charges on the fiscal year 2023-24 County property tax bills for County Service Area No. 23 (Santa Margarita). The delinquent charges come to a total of $839.38. The Board of Supervisors will hold a public hearing on Aug. 8.

The Board of Supervisors also approved a resolution proclaiming Aug. 6-12 as San Luis Obispo County Farmers Market Week. 

In the proclamation, which was featured in the July 18 agenda, it read:

“Farmers markets in San Luis Obispo County help foster community connectedness and resilience by bringing together neighbors and farmers, serving as a community gathering space, encouraging tourism, and playing a role in educating community members on our local food system.” 

The next Board of Supervisors meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, Aug. 8, at 9 a.m.