Program has locations in both Atascadero and Paso Robles

NORTH COUNTY — Thrive Training Center sent multiple members of their gymnastic teams to both State and Regional Championships this year. 

“For an athlete to qualify for states, they must beat a set all-around score at one of the seasonal competitions,” said coach Cooper Bishop. “All of our girls qualified to states within their first meet of the year. A tribute to their hard work and preparation.”

Gymnastics Championship Contributed Photo 4
Coach Raleigh Carter, Liana Lopez and Coach Cooper Bishop of Thrive at one of the competitions. Contributed Photo

The State Championships were held on March 31, and Thrive sent nine of the center’s athletes to participate. To qualify for State Championships, all the girls needed a 34.5 AA. In addition, six of the girls competed for the first time.


Coach Raleigh Carter provided the gymnast’s ranks from State.

“Hannah Springer received the fifth-highest score in the Nation for her division on balance beam,” Carter said. “At State Championships for her level (Xcel Gold), she took second on bars, first on floor, first on beam, and first place in the all-around, making her state champion for her age division. 

Gymnastics Championship Contributed Photo 3
Liana Lopez and Eva Jarboe (not shown) competed at the Level 6 Regional Championships in Salt Lake City. Contributed Photo

“Tulsa Willoughby took second place for her age division at State Championships.

“Liana Lopez took third place on floor for her age division at State Championships.

“Ece Tunc took second on floor at State Championships for her age division.

“Clara Wildmon took first on balance beam and second on bars for State Championships.

“Gwen Henry took first on balance beam and bars, second on vault, and is second place all-around champion.

“Paige Foss took first on balance beam, second on vault, and is third place all-around state Champion.

“Scarlett Cruzat took second on Vault and third on beam at State Championships.

“Charlee Cruzat took first on Vault and Bars, second on Floor Exercise, and she is first place all-around State champion,” concluded Carter.

Thrive Training Center has two locations, one in Paso Robles and the other in Atascadero. The girls use both facilities during the five-month gymnastics season and their year-round training as well.

Gymnastics Championship Contributed Photo 5
Paige Foss of Xcel Bronze shows off her awards at the State Championships. Contributed Photo

“We train using both of our facilities,” Bishop said. “Atascadero allows us to work on their routines and basics on the competitive apparatuses. Paso Robles allows us to push skill development with the use of trampolines and the foam pit.”

Thrive Training Center, originally Pacific Coast Gymnastics, was bought by owner and president Anne Flores in 2006, while the rebranding to Thrive didn’t happen until 2015.

The girls who train at Thrive put in 16 hours over a four-day week.

“Coming out of the pandemic, we had to rebuild over 75 percent of the team program. This has been the most successful group of girls as a whole in our history of competing,” Carter said. “At first, we were nervous coming into the season, not knowing if we were going to be prepared. Competition season was from January through the end of March. We would have two, three weeks between competitions to train and make the necessary adjustments to optimize scores. The athletes are really great to work with; they are hard workers, focused, and know how to persevere.” 

Gymnastics Championship Contributed Photo 2
The Thrive Bronze Xcel Team: Gwen Henry, Scarlett Cruzat, Leia Negranti, Paige Foss, Charlee Cruzat and Clare Wildmon. Contributed Photo

After doing so well at State Championships, two of Thrive’s girls went on to compete at the Regional 1 Championships in Salt Lake City, Utah. The Regional Championships were held from April 29 to May 1 and included athletes from California, Utah, Nevada, and Arizona.

Eva Jarboe and Liana Lopez, level 6 gymnasts at Thrive, both received qualifying scores at State Championships, making them eligible to compete at the Regional Championships.

Lopez tied for first place on the floor exercise and fourth place on vault. And Jarboe’s hard work and resilience got her all the way to the Regional Championships.

“This has been an incredible year for us as a team. I look forward to what we can achieve in the future,” Bishop said.