We Live in One of the Great Places in the World

Here’s a few ways you can make it better!

Nicholas Mattson

Colony Magazine Publisher and Editor-in-Chief Nicholas Mattson

A few things coming up that really matter to me as an Atascadero resident. I’ve been a permanent resident of Atascadero for more than 40 years now, growing up here since 1978 and as a matter of choice decided to make the Central Coast my permanent home into my adulthood since returning in 2005.
When I returned from a long vacation in Hawaii — paid for by working two jobs during my time in Mammoth Lakes as a rental shop supervisor and a waiter at Hennessey’s Tavern — I stood at Port San Luis and looked south down the Avila Beach coast and I was taken by the wonder of this area. We are smack dab in arms reach of 1,000 things to do within a day’s round trip — all of them epic if you decide it is so.
We have hiking, biking, walking, running, tanning, surfing, swimming, cruising, dining, boating, fishing, or just a good old fashioned picnic — and that is all within a 30-minute drive. If you really wanted, you could hike, surf, and snowboard all in the same day. OK, maybe you are like me and that isn’t exactly realistic … but you should still be able to make sense of the message: you live in one of the unique and amazing places in California, and therefore the world! And you pay for it, so ENJOY IT!
So back to the few things coming up that really matter to me. 1) The Atascadero Lake is filling with water after the City of Atascadero was able to open the pipeline from the creek. That is a major assist to preserving our crown jewel’s health. 2) The Atascadero Printery Foundation is hosting a Murder Mystery on Feb. 9, which is an assist in clarifying the long-term goals for the foundation — community, performance art, and history all coming together under one roof. Stay tuned for a radical update on the third part of the foundation’s mission to repurpose the building. 3) The Atascadero Colony Days Committee (no relation to Colony Magazine) has begun its journey toward the 46th annual parade and festival, scheduled for the first weekend in October.
And what do these three things have in common? You can get involved! For very little time, effort, or money, you can provide assistance to things that are going on in Atascadero that happen as a result of community participation.
So while you are not enjoying the beautiful area we live in, try this — contact Nancy Hair with the Friends of the Atascadero Lake at 805-674-3850, or Karen McNamara with Atascadero Printery Foundation at 805-466-1961, or me at info@colonydays.org to lend a hand or sponsorship for Colony Days. Each of those groups live by the philosophy “many hands make light work” and what better way to get to know your neighbors in Atascadero than to help them make it a better place to live.
Make your first call to get your tickets to the Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre on Saturday, February 9 and enjoy a five-course Buona Tavola dinner served by Chef Antonio Varia. That will get you in the mood!
So remember:
You live in one of the best places on Earth.
You pay for it, one way or another.
So much beauty and life is within your reach … and we will talk more about that in our March issue as we explore the surrounding area.
Organizations of humans work together … like little colonies? … to make our corner of the world a better place to enjoy, and you can help at literally any age with the willingness to try.
Friends of the Atascadero Lake is putting on LAKEFEST 2019 on Saturday, May 18. Check them out at friendsofatascadero
For $100 you get a five-course gourmet dinner, dessert and wine — and a SHOW! — so, if you haven’t gotten your tickets yet, go to atascaderoprintery.org.
It’s a great time to get into the community spirit by joining the Atascadero Colony Days Committee and shape the 46th annual event! Go to colonydays.org for info on how to help.