Moreno remains in the lead at 53.89 percent and Susan Funk is at 46.02 percent

SAN LUIS OBISPO COUNTY — It remains a tight race as results continue to be counted for the District 5 San Luis Obispo County Supervisor’s seat. Current Atascadero Mayor Heather Moreno remains in the lead against Atascadero City Councilmember Susan Funk for a spot on the Board of Supervisors.

The first results of the Super Tuesday election on March 5 showed Moreno in the lead at 53.89 percent (4,586 votes) and Susan Funk is at 46.02 percent (3,916 votes) — just 670 votes separating the two. 

The district represents Atascadero, Cal Poly State University (portion), California Valley, Creston, Garden Farms, Pozo, San Luis Obispo (portion), and Santa Margarita. The position is currently held by Supervisor Debbie Arnold, who is not running for re-election.


Following the March 8 count, Moreno remains in the lead with 53.71 percent (5,585 votes) and Funk with 46.29 percent (4,813 votes) — with 772 votes separating them.

Funk ran her campaign with the slogan “Vote Funk for Functional Government” and was endorsed by several SLO County Democratic Clubs, including the Democrats of San Luis Obispo Club, Atascadero Democratic Club, Paso Robles Democratic Club, El Morro Democratic Club, and South County Democratic Club. Three current SLO County Supervisors also endorsed Funk: Bruce Gibson, Jimmy Paulding, and Dawn Ortiz-Legg.

You can learn more about Funk’s campaign and full list of endorsements here

Moreno ran with the slogan “Building community. Prospering together.” 

She is endorsed by the SLO County Deputy Sheriff’s Association, Atascadero Police Association, Atascadero Professional Firefighters Local 3600, SLO County District Attorney Dan Dow, SLO County Sheriff Ian Parkinson, Current District 1 Supervisor John Peschong and District 5 Supervisor Debbie Arnold. 

You can learn more about Moreno’s campaign and full list of endorsements here

Moreno was re-elected as mayor in 2022 with her term set to expire in 2024, while Funk’s term as councilmember runs until 2026. Current Atascadero Councilmember Charles Bourbeau has already announced his bid for the mayoral seat — his term on council also expires in 2024. No other candidates have announced their bid for the mayoral seat yet. However, the nomination period for local elections will open later this year.

According to the San Luis Obispo County Clerk-Recorder Office Voter Information Calendar, the timeline of the election results are: 

  • March 12: Last day a ballot postmarked on or before Election Day and received by the Elections Office can be counted
  • April 2: Mailed Ballot signature verification deadline for Elections Office to verify signature match on incomparable or unsigned Vote-by-Mail identification envelopes
  • March 6 through April 4: Registrar of Voters to certify election results
  • April 12: The final official elections results certified by the California Secretary of State
  • April 16: County of San Luis Obispo Board of Supervisors to declare the results of the March 5, Presidential Primary Election

Below are election results from the March 8 count, which was available at the time of print.

San Luis Obispo County Supervisor District 1

John Peschong — 100 percent (7,163)

San Luis Obispo County Supervisor District 3

Dawn Ortiz-Legg — 95.05 percent (8,186)

San Luis Obispo County Supervisor District 5

Susan Funk — 46.29 percent (4,813)

Heather Moreno — 53.71 percent (5,585)

Presidential Primary Election Race (County Results)

Democratic Primary:

  • Joe Biden — 94.19 percent (23,843)

Republican Party:

  • Donald J. Trump — 75.09 percent (16,620)
  • Nikki Haley — 21.55 percent (4,769)


  • California US Senate (Full Term) — Adam Schiff is currently leading the race at 38.48 percent with Steve Garvey close behind at 33.94 percent.
  • California US Senate Special (Partial Term) — Steve Garvey is in the lead with 35.70 percent and Adam Schiff follows close at 32.55 percent 
  • Prop 1 Behavioral Health Services Measure — 51.69 percent voting no and 48.31 percent voting yes.
  • California US House District 19 — Jason Anderson is in the lead with 49.86 percent and Jimmy Panetta following with 47.14 percent.
  • California US House District 24 — Salud Carbajal is in the lead with 58.18 percent and Thomas Cole in second with 36.38 percent.
  • California State Senate District 17 — John Laird is currently in the lead with 55.87 percent and Tony Virrueta follows behind with 27.03 percent. 
  • California State Senate District 21 — Monique S. Limon is in the lead with 52.52 percent with Elijah Mack 47.48 percent.
  • California State Assembly District 30 — Dawn Addis is in the lead with 57.01 percent and Dalila Epperson with 42.99 percent.
  • California State Assembly District 37 — Gregg Hart 50.26 percent, with Sari Domingues following behind with 49.74 percent.

According to the County Clerk-Recorder’s office, they are scheduled to county, adjudicate and release the next set of results this Friday, March 15.

For voting inquiries, contact the Elections Office at (805) 781-5228 or Additional information can be found on the Voter FAQ page, and detailed election information at