TEMPLETON — The Wellness Kitchen first opened their doors to San Luis Obispo County in 2010 and restructured as a 501(c)3 in August 2011 after realizing the founder’s mission needed to reach more people. As TWK enters its 10th year serving the community and its nutritional needs, they present a new and improved logo, as well as the return of their Founder, Nancy Walker, as Executive Director.

“The oval signifies inclusion: whether someone is in critical or chronic health to those striving for optimal health,” said Walker on their new logo. “Whether choosing western medicine, holistic alternatives or self-maintaining, we are here to help anyone who understands the benefits of nutrition.”


Located in the heart of North SLO County’s medical community, TWK operates with kitchen volunteers ranging from nurses, registered dietitians, and certified therapeutic chefs to provide nutritional guidance; nutrient-rich food and broth; and nutrition and culinary education to those needing to regain or sustain optimal health.

“Education is a powerful component of our organization,” Walker said. “Once on the road to recovery, we then teach individuals and their families life-giving tools to utilize in their own kitchens. Health problems reach into all our lives and nutrition education and hands-on teaching is our effort to change their nutritional outlook.”


Pre-ordered meals can be picked up at three locations or delivered free to homebound patrons, and their Pay-it-Forward program provides these same meals for free to those facing health crisis, the strain of financial instability, and/or lacking the caregiving support needed to provide nutritious meals and mineral-rich hydration.

“That’s why we have the heart in our new logo: to represent the amount of love we put into all of our meals, broths, and teas,” Walker said. “What we do is so significant for our community and now our logo says it all! We hope you love it as much as we do! I’m so glad to be back.”