She has been working in Atascadero for the last nine years, with 21 years of insurance under her belt

NORTH COUNTY — Beloved insurance agent Sue Hubbard has officially retired from the insurance business. For the last nine years, Hubbard has been working as a Farmer’s Insurance agent in Atascadero, but in total, she’s been in the insurance game for a total of 21 years. On Friday, Oct. 20, the community and Hubbard’s friends showed up to wish her well on the next chapter in her life. 

“The insurance market is very difficult right now, and I just wanted to spend more time doing the things that I love with the horses. I’ve been in the horse industry for 55 years, and I wanted to do more with my community outreach activities and just have more time to myself,” said Hubbard of her reason for retiring. “I had originally wanted to retire after about five or six years [in Atascadero], but there were other things that had happened, and I just decided to go on.”

Though Hubbard is retired, she will still be helping her equine clients and customers who want to insure their horses and their horse farms. She added that she wants to continue working with those clients because it’s a very niche type of insurance, and her experience working for decades in the horse industry makes it something she still wants to do. 


Hubbard also stated that she’s excited to dive back into being a bigger part of the community as a whole. And with the extra time allotted to her now that she’s retired, she’ll be able to do that.

“First of all, I’m looking into how I can help the community of Atascadero at large,” she said. “One of the things that I’m passionate about is volunteerism. Getting a younger generation more involved in the community.”

She is also looking forward to diving back into working with with the Hispanic Business Association, which Sue started in 2011.

“I want to help my friend Maria Elena Garcia expand the outreach to the Hispanic Business community and integrate the Hispanic business community with the Chamber, the Atascadero Chamber, and make sure that the Hispanic community is serviced to where they can integrate into the community at large. I don’t want to see the segregation. I want to see integration,” Hubbard said.

Hubbard’s official retirement party was held at the BridgeWorks building at the Atascadero Chamber, with people from all over the community showing up to send Hubbard off with style. Her friends and colleagues from Farmer’s Insurance, Quota, and Kiwanis showed up for her send-off. 

“The Chamber of Commerce was very gracious in opening up the BridgeWorks to us. There were several people that donated,” said Hubbard.

Outlaws, Sharon Lawson with Quickbooks Accounting Firm, Paso Catering, Jack Jacobs, Savage Spirits, and Scupltera Winery were a handful of the people who donated to the party.

“There was just tons of food and drink, and it was just lovely,” Hubbard added.

She also said that her horse friends threw her a rowdy retirement party, and her son and his friends threw her an after-party after Friday’s festivities.

“The people in this area are just very, very appreciative and easy to deal with,” Hubbard said of the clients she’s leaving behind. “The people that I worked with in this area are more than just customers. They become friends. It’s like working in a village.”

Even though Hubbard is stepping away from the insurance business, the community is excited to see what she gets up to next. 

Feature Image: Sue Hubbard is shown at her retirement party held at BridgeWorks. Photo by Hayley Mattson.