The Atascadero News introduces Premium Content as an additional feature provided to premium subscription levels

The Atascadero News introduced Premium Online Content on Sunday to create greater value to offer paying subscribers. As a feature addition to a bulk of content available online without any charge to readers, Premium Content provides exclusive access to content otherwise unavailable across the web.

Premium Content is community-focused, professional journalism across a variety of mediums — audio, video, digital print and more — producing feature stories and in-depth profiles to podcasts and mini-shows all designed to make the community better.

Access to Premium Content is available by subscription, starting at $10.00 per year for existing Atascadero News subscribers and $29.95 per year for online-only subscribers.

For $49.95, subscribers can get both print and digital access — 52 issues of The Atascadero News mailed weekly and access to all Premium Content online at

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Everybody selling anything likes to compare the price of their product to the price of a cup of coffee … we don’t think we need to do that because our reasonable prices for local news means you can enjoy a cup of coffee and your local newspaper each week and every day online!

The internet made it possible for low-price information to be shared and the last decade was brutal for news outlets across the world. What we ended up with was unscrupulous social media marketing and fake news. Out of the digital darkness, news organizations are learning how to survive in print and exist in both print and digital, and hard paywalls or article limits are common.

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At The Atascadero News, we believe the information necessary for the public to conduct an informed democracy cannot be hidden behind a paywall where only the privileged can access. Money is tight for everyone, and we believe we have found a reasonable balance in our Premium Content formula. Our formula is to provide extra to those who pay for the subscription so that all may have access to local news and information published by professional and ethical journalists who are not simply motivated by likes and shares on social media platforms.

Thank you for your support of local journalism. Your subscription to our Premium Content helps us deliver the Good News • Real News • Your Hometown News to the community we live in, work in, and love.