Each member brings a wealth of experience and a deep passion for music and community involvement

ATASCADERO — The Atascadero Community Band (ACB) convened its annual member meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 26, in the Atascadero High School band room, where key decisions were made regarding the nonprofit organization’s leadership and financial matters for the upcoming year.

One of the primary outcomes of the evening was the unanimous approval of the 2023-24 annual budget, demonstrating the organization’s commitment to fiscal responsibility and transparent financial management. 

This budget will serve as a blueprint for ACB’s operations in the coming year, enabling the band to continue its tradition of delivering outstanding musical performances and community engagement.


In addition to budget discussions, ACB held elections to select its Board of Directors for the 2023-2024 term. 

The newly elected Board members are as follows:

  • President Joyce Rabellino 
  • Vice President Beth Bean 
  • Secretary Carol Kouklis  
  • Treasurer Kathy Chapman 
  • Member at Large Eric Klasey

Each member of the Board of Directors brings a wealth of experience and a deep passion for music and community involvement. Their dedication and leadership will guide ACB’s initiatives and activities throughout the upcoming year.

Joyce Rabellino, the newly re-elected president of ACB, expressed her excitement about the future of the band, saying, “I am honored to continue leading this dedicated board. We look forward to bringing our community more musical joy and enhancing the cultural fabric of Atascadero.”

The Atascadero Community Band is known for its commitment to fostering musical talent, promoting a sense of community, and providing exceptional entertainment through its performances. With the newly elected Board of Directors and a solid financial plan in place, the organization is poised for another successful year of music-making and community engagement.

The Atascadero Community Band is a group of musicians dedicated to enriching the lives of those in the Atascadero community and beyond through the power of music. Comprising individuals of all ages and backgrounds, the band consistently delivers exceptional performances and partners with many other local nonprofits to pay forward the generous donations collected at each performance. The opportunities to continue performing beyond school years and help other charitable causes in the area continue driving the musicians of ACB, many of whom have been members for the majority of the 38 years the band has been in existence.

For more information about the Atascadero Community Band, including upcoming events and performance schedules, visit atascaderoband.org.

Feature Image: The Atascadero Community Band membership elected its 2023-24 Board of Directors recently, including (from left) Carol Kouklis (secretary), Joyce Rabellino (president), Beth Bean (vice president), Eric Klasey (member at large) and Kathy Chapman (treasurer). Photo by Tom Sciortino