The exhibit is located in the historic City Hall building

ATASCADERO — As of Wednesday, Sept. 7, the Atascadero Historical Society has opened a new exhibit in City Hall. The exhibit features four large pieces of equipment used by the historical Atascadero News. 

“We put in one of the platinum presses, a proof press, a stone, some wood furniture, lock up cases and what not, and one type cabinet,” said Atascadero Historical Society President and Curator Jim Wilkins.

He went on to say that they’ve had the pieces for six to seven years and that Historical Society Vice President Tom Lewis, who is also E.G. Lewis’s grand-nephew, has been wanting to display the items for some time. And now, the timing has finally worked out.


“We got it [the printing equipment] from the Porter family; they used to own the newspaper. They had given it to us probably four years prior to that, but it was just in storage,” added Wilkins.

Lately, the Historical Society has been planning on changing up some of its exhibits in City Hall, and Wilkins and Lewis knew just what to add. Wilkins said they’re looking to expand on the exhibit, adding more of a story element.

“Right now, it’s just the big stuff sitting in there. We want to do some paper stuff around,” he said. “We have signs and stuff that explain what the pieces are, but we want to get a little more involved with it. A little more of a storyline type thing.”

While City Hall tours, including the new exhibit, were not open during Colony Days this year due to a docent shortage, and with both exhibit rooms being locked to the public, appointments can be made by email to tour the rooms and City Hall during City Hall’s hours of operation. You can book a tour at

Later in the fall, the Historical Society will be launching a docent drive, hoping to gain more docents to give City Hall tours put on by the organization.

“We wanna kick off and start planning some stuff for next summer all the way up until [next] October,” added Wilkins.

To find out more about the Atascadero Historical Society or becoming a docent, go to;