The series will complete with the World Championships in Australia later this year

ATASCADERO — On Saturday, March 25, scooter riders from all over the country and even one from Canada gathered at ATown Park to compete in the second qualifier round of the U.S. Open Scooter Championship Series. Riders of all ages participated in the competition, from heavy hitters to riders just starting out.

“There’s a young man here for Quebec [Canada]. We’re representing, I think, 17 states here today at the competition,” said ATown Park Owner Kevin Campion.

The United Scooter Association (USA) started in 2017, and Campion is actually one of the founding members. 


“This is an International Scooter Federation Qualifier for the World Championships,” Campion said about the event. “ATown Park has been a part of it since its inception. So we’re a stop on the tour. This is the second of, I think, seven qualifiers if I’m not mistaken. And then the World Championship this year in Australia.”

The U.S. Open Scooter Championship Series is sanctioned by International Olympic Committee (IOC) and brings in talent from all over. Currently, both Chris Farris (the men’s pro World Ranked Champion) and Claire Parks (the women’s pro World Ranked Champion) are based out of Atascadero and continue to skate at ATown Park. Parks participated in the Championship Series and took first place in the Women’s category, while Farris was emcee for the day.

“So we have a whole bunch of divisions from little tiny guys all the way up to top pros, and it kind of goes incrementally from the youngest to the most experienced,” Campion said of how the day went.

Judges were on site, and everything was run digitally so that riders’ results were posted immediately after their runs. 

“The results and who won that division are known within seconds of that division being completed,” added Campion.

Throughout the U.S. Open Scooter Championship Series, riders accrue points based on their results, and that’s how it is determined whether to not they qualify to compete in the World Championships. Campion says that there is also a “Golden Ticket” that’s given out to someone that’s extraordinary in the open and professional divisions.

“The series travels all over the U.S. There’s an event in North Carolina,” continued Campion. “There’s one or two in Southern California, which has kind of, historically, been the heartbeat of the sport for the United States. There’s one here, obviously.”

You can follow the U.S. Open Scooter Championship Series on the United Scooter Association website at, for updates and to see current scores.

“This wouldn’t be possible without the City of Atascadero,” Campion said. “This is a city facility, they’ve blessed this community with this facility for the last 20 years now, and it’s one of a kind nationwide. This is the only public sector/private sector partnership of its kind in the nation that I’m aware of.

“Atascadero, I think, offers more than any other community in this county, and it’s one of the smallest communities in the county. It’s really an endorsement to our city staff and leadership.”

Photos by Rick Evans / ATN