Coffee with a Cop warms up the community on a misty Friday morning

ATASCADERO — Atascaderans had a chance Friday, May 25 to interact with their local law enforcement officers during the third Coffee with a Cop event at Malibu Brew coffee.
“Paul, the owner, is generous, donating the coffee and letting us set up here,” said Corp. John Taylor.
Coffee with a Cop happens about three times a year, usually during a shift change from 8 to 10 a.m. The next one will be in September or October, since the first Wednesday of October is National Coffee with a Cop Day.
Taylor said Coffee with a Cop gives community members a positive chance to comment and ask questions.
Delighted young kids like, Jameson, who is 5 ½, from Atascadero, had a chance to talk to local police. Jameson asked Corp. John Taylor with the Atascadero Police Department how to differentiate a real officer from a stranger.
Sgt. Jason Carr added that Coffee with a Cop gives them an “opportunity to interact with the community — more time to sit down to discuss issues in a neutral setting.”
Follow the Atascadero Police Department’s Facebook page for information on the next Coffee with a Cop event.

Photo captions: Jameson, 5 ½, from Atascadero, got to ask Corp. John Taylor all about police officers and their uniforms. 

Corp. John Taylor, Community Service Office Lauren Purify, Sgt. Jason Carr and Officer Diego Segovia were all at the Coffee with a Cop on May 25. (Photos by  Elizabeth Enriquez-Phillips)


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